In our psychosystemic work and facilitators role, we draw attention to the connections between…

intrapersonal (psychical),
interpersonal (relational),
collective (organisational) and
systemic (social, political and ecological) structures,

and interweave them.



The core team

Morana Trenta

Born in 1978 in Yugoslavia, Morana graduated in natural science (biology, ecology), undertaking research work until 2011 and afterwards moving into social and political activism. She has been training in Process-oriented Psychology (Process Work) in the United States, United Kingdom and is currently graduating in Slovakia. She has also trained in body work, trauma work and organisational counseling. Morana works in her private psychosystemic practice.

More on Morana on her personal website.

Andrew Hodges

Born in 1984 in the UK, Andy graduated the Natural Sciences Tripos (mathematics, psychology, history and philosophy of science) at the University of Cambridge before completing a PhD and working as a social anthropologist from 2008-2019. From 2014 onwards he has been training in transactional analysis with an interest in critical approaches to psychotherapy and counseling.

More on Andy on his personal website.